Still can’t think of a title.

Yay some good news, I actually did the second run for the first week, lots of bad news to go along with that though, such as not being able to do it 100%, I wasn’t able to sustain a full jog during the jog sessions, a couple of those sessions were so slow as well. Most of my run was on soft ground, it may have overworked my calf a bit, it was feeling a bit strained by the end of it. I think I was able to avoid slapping the sidewalk too hard to hurt my feet. I have to watch out for that, I don’t think my running form is correct to keep from hurting myself quite yet. I noticed that I seem to strike my heel first on the ground and pretty hard too.

From reading about running form I did try taking deep full breaths and that seemed to have helped, I wasn’t gasping for air quite as badly, so I only had to contend with tired muscles that didn’t feel like they had the endurance to do the full running sessions. I’ll probably have to repeat the first week, I don’t think I will be in shape to do 90 second runs by Monday. Pretty humiliating. On my way back on the last jogging session I was thinking about how much easier it would be just to quit and watch Avatar instead.

Overall even with all of the complaining I seemed to have done better, especially earlier on, I hope it is because I am actually improving but in reality one day isn’t going to make a difference, it was likely just the temperature was a bit better so it was easier to breathe.

Both days I went for 3.1 km. If I could actually do my running a half marathon would take 3h30m. That does include the 5 minutes of walking as the warm up and cool down.

I went to see Jeans and Classics rock orchestra performing Queen songs, It was good, it didn’t seem to be a wall of music though which kind of sucks but it was worth the price. Unfortunately I bought the tickets a couple of weeks before Queen + Adam Lambert announced that they were coming to Toronto, so I’ll be going to that too.

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