Feeling better

It’s about -1 tonight when I went for my jog, I started during the second intermission.  I remembered and did some deep breaths during my warmup walk and during my first of 7 jog sessions.  I am guessing it is the breathing but it did feel a little easier to get started and after my first and even second jog session I was actually feeling pretty ok.  They were slow jogs though but nothing like the gasping and hoping it was going to end soon sessions I had on day 1.  This program actually does seem to be working, however despite the stronger than normal start I had this session I wasn’t able to maintain it all throughout, however I did do better than before.  The defeat felt like it was less due to breathing and cardio and more due to my calf muscles cramping up which I think is normal since most of the run was on moist soft ground that had a lot of give.  It is forgiving on my bones but I guess it requires some extra excretion from my calves to compensate.  One session I was feeling the burn and I was able to force myself to the full 60 seconds which felt like a small win since usually I would have just stopped early when it is usually 10 seconds to go. The downside is that after during the walking session I was immediately just thinking of how nice and easy it would be just to walk home, I wanted to take the easy way out however I knew if I gave in and did that I would just sit on the sofa next week and not do anymore c25k and just give up on it all, this I think will be ultimately the struggle that I will have every week.  I thoroughly enjoy doing nothing, just sitting back and relaxing, I don’t enjoy exercising and I don’t understand how people could, haven’t they sat down before and watched a movie and than another while drinking a hot chocolate and having some garlic bread.  That is the life I want to have everyday.

Anyways back to the c25k, I will be repeating the first week again, I can’t quite imagine jogging for 90 seconds at a time 7 times, since I can’t do it consistently enough 60 seconds at a time.  I will need to maybe set aside a shirt or two specifically for jogging, I am a hot, sweaty mess.  I do have a couple of shirts that I used for painting.  I just need to find a spring jacket since I don’t want to stink up my current one since I take it to work, and as I said I am a hot, stinking mess.

I babysat Hudson for a while today, Chris too I guess since he went for a nap too, luckily he didn’t need a diaper change as well.  I took some pictures of Hudson for Easter, I hope something from it turns out ok and usable.  While his parents were out I got him to fill up a basket full of plastic Easter eggs and than I poured them all on his head while trying to tak pictures of the falling eggs.  It didn’t work out too well.  After getting him to fill up the basket 2 more times I thought it might be easier to just put the eggs in front of him instead of on his head since he didn’t seem to impressed.  I guess he just didn’t have the heart to make some art like I did.  I also figured out it would be easier to do it on the sofa since the eggs scatter a lot less so it was easier to collect them again in order to dump them on him.

Yay plex can stream music from iTunes to chromecast now which I have conveniently plugged into my surround sound.  I have to try the subwoofer on another plug, it doesn’t seem to be on, I hope it is alright and not broken.





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