Headache again

I’m not too sure where it came from but I think it was the food. I have cold chills now and I feel like my skin is rippling above the surface and that it is loose, I bet it could peel off.

The weekend was a quiet one, Kathy studied on Sunday, on Saturday we pretty much watched TV and bummed around. We also go some Olympic Hoodies. They’re real neat, they have an extra pocket in the front to put an iPod in. I found out that Tim Horton’s has some meaty chilli and that carrying two 6 packs of pop bottles is a pain in the ass, especially when it is cold. I was cold and Kathy wasn’t, very odd. The same thing repeated as we were walking from the bus to my parent’s house.

On Friday we went to the mall, came back on a very crowded bus only to turn around and go back to the mall and watch Narnia. We were dropping off packages that we got at the mall. I go to the mall a lot for a guy trying not to spend money. I drove Chris home today and avoided the temptation of sushi. I slept most of the way home, or at least was in a state of half and half. My lack of sleep probably has more to do with why I am not feeling very well.

I need more blankets, my nipples are cold, actually nipple.

I’m sick cough cough, bah.

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