Week 4 Day 3 is done

I did it, yay.  I did have an extra 2 days off which seemed to really help my knees and calves.  I am still struggling with how boring the runs are, I can’t seem to get my mind to not notice the time going by or everystep that I take.  I looked at my phone during the second 5 minute interval and I still had 2 minutes to go, I thought I was getting down to 30 seconds or less.  So boring.  My pace did seem to be a little bit faster than the previous 2 days.  I set my Nike app to record and I was looking forward to see if my pace did increase and I guess I switched at the wrong time since it paused the app and it never recorded a thing. sigh.  On my run some of the negative thoughts started to creep back into my head and I was wondering if I should spend the money on new shoes, is this something that I can continue on?

I was suppose to do Day 1 of Week 5 today however 2 days ago I had to cut my run short due to rain.  It started to just pour but I was lucky enough to be close to some businesses and able to duck into their doorway to stay out of the rain.  As I got in there a cop that was driving down the road suddenly lit up their cherries and parked in the parking lot across the street while I was waiting for wifey to come pick me up.  She couldn’t find me and parked beside the cop, I jog over to get out of the rain and into the car when the cop comes to our window asking why we are here and where we were going.  As he was asking a voice came over his radio saying the suspect was a white male, 30-35, wearing a blue shirt and dark pants.  I was wearing a blue shirt as well.  I at that instance thought this was going to be a long night of questioning.  He went to his car and then said we can go, and just as we were turning around in the driveway he came back and asked us to wait a moment, he was checking something else on the radio, and then we were able to finally go on our way.

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