Explosion on the highway

Chris was driving along on the highway and we spot a truck towing a trailer. Ice was blowing off the top of the trailer as it was getting up to highway speed on the 407 so he stays back from it in case there was more ice. As we are about to change lanes from being behind him to get off the highway there is a sudden explosion on the driver side of the trailer, yellow insulating foam and wood is everywhere. As we pass the truck we realize what has happened as we see the bed of the pickup for the first time. I thought at first that maybe part of the trailer broke off and splintered into pieces as it hit the highway going 100. As we see the bed of unsecured windows with frames in the bed of the truck it becomes clear that the wind that was catching the ice off of the roof of the trailer caught one of the windows and the lip of the window frame and tossed it up high enough so that it’s centre of gravity would allow it to spill over on to the highway. At least the driver noticed and pulled over. Not sure what he could do since there didn’t appear to be any straps in the truck, if he had tehm he would have used them, right? I wonder if he was brave enough to go out there with a push broom and try to sweep up all the broken glass fragments and splintered wood as it littered lanes 2 and 3 of the 407. The rest of my week has been uneventful. Cleaning a fishtank with a gravel vacuum and a 30′ plastic hose takes a lot of wet prep time and patience, and it doesn’t have as much suck power in the gravel as the 5 foot hose.

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