People are dumb

There was an article in the paper talking about the top 3 and worst 3 neighbours people would want living beside them, Sarah Palin made both lists. I can’t see why people would think she is a good neighbour to be beside. Probably swing by over the house in a helicopter shooting gophers and such. I am still in awe that people would do such a thing, there isn’t really any skill needed in shooting an animal that is grazing in a field from a helicopter, they would have more of a challenge shooting clay ducks and such. It’s not like the animal understands that it is being shot at or what the consequences are, it is running away because it is familiar of predators that bite and claw, not shoot a projectile from a distance using a boom stick. The animal would run away with the same intelligence and determination of a 5 year old in a mall. That can be a sport I can back. Have a shooting range in a store and when a 5 year old gets separated from it’s parent it can be open season, after the first shot it will run making the subsequent shot that much more exciting, will it find cover behind a trash-can or behind an uncrossable fountain or will it run straight down the hall making it an easy kill. Could even bait a clearing in the mall with an ice cream cone on the floor or a lollipop or some deer pee. It has to be just as challenging as shooting a deer afterall. If you want to do it from a helicopter well then you’d have to do it in the parking lot of a power centre, Chuckee Cheese would be a feeding ground for it. I hope I don’t get banned from the mall now, but it will be OK because I have an ice cream maker, yum yum.

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