Slept in the car

I didn’t sleep well. Sometimes I wonder if it is worse, I can’t sleep as soon as I get into the car usually but about half way through the ride with 30 minutes of possible sleep left is when I get tired and usually nod off, only to wake up again soon after. meh

At least after a couple of days of searching I found the saran wrap car. Apprently not all of my pictures got uploaded to flickr properly, I have no idea how I am going to figure out what was missing.

I am planning on a lot of wonderland this summer, hopefully Katty + Gravol = rollercoasters. First trip will be this weekend, might as well get on it.

Class was this weekend, it seemed pretty easy and straight forward this time. Not much to prepare for the sessions, just a lot of stuff and presentations to get done during them in a short amount of tuime. For a change of pace this time around I actually had some food there beyond just the cookies and pop. They had some raw salmon for breakfast on both days and some sort of wrap with briew on the second day for lunch. I thought it was a chicken wrap but it wasn’t. Not the most filling thing in the world but it was good, saved me a trip to McDonald’s I was planning on getting a small chicken mcNugget thing. I figure it would be cheap and not too unhealthy.

Time for sleep now.

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