The third guy was hard at punch out

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My feeble little thumbs couldn’t keep pace with his fury and the punches he was throwing out. When he backed up it was like he was throwing some super serious shit down on me. I obviously didn’t remember what his name was so I just called him the third guy.

I have another class session this weekend, I am hoping it will go well and that I stay awake. If I am a bit more open mouthed and louder with my speaking I should get by OK apprently. From these classes it doesn’t seem as useful as the prep for the classes themselves were.

I am pretty tired at the moment, I should have an orange. I have been in a pretty not good mood lately. Not not good as angry or unhappy, I mean not good as in I feel like shopping and spending money isn’t the greatest idea right now.

Right now I want
Wonderland Season Passes
Expension to the Settlers of Catan Card Game
Killer Bunnies Card Game
Killer Bunnies Board Game Expansion set
a fold up table for playing the game in here. It would probably be better then playing on the floor.

I am mostly debating about Wonderland with if I would go enough to make it worth getting a season pass. The cons are that I can get a 1 time pass for 33$ and a 2 time pass for $48 or so. It is a fair distance away so I may not be arsed to do it. Parking and eating costs. Takes away time from doing other stuff potentially like paintball and playing D&D and the board games mentioned above.
The pros is I have the vacation time and I am not planning on going away really and this year would be better then next year potentially since the school thing will involve more group work and coordinating with them. The assignments right now during the summer for the most part can be completed in 4 hours.

I have spent a bit of money lately on a new lens that is on back order, it might come in handy for the upcoming wedding celebration and other low light situation. I have been contemplating getting a new flash taht can actually clear the end of my lens. Usually there is a shadow at teh bottom of some of my pics b/c the flash isn’t high enough.

I am still dissappointed in myself for my lunches. I haven’t been able to break the bad and costly habit of eating out for lunch. A few times I have brought apples and ate them instead but most of the time I forget to do that as well. I am usually to tired and get up just in tiime so I don’t get a chance to eat breakfast. Chances are the food in the morning might jump start me and get me hungrier by the time lunch time comes around.

Oh yeah I guess I’ll be getting Mario Galaxy 2 in a couple of weeks, yay. I still haven’t beaten the first one yet, or Twilight Princess for that matter.

I just read the whole entry just now, I am not sure what happened in the first sentence, I guess I got a balloon and a pencil in a loot bag. I have no idea what the computer comment even means. Maybe I didn’t miss computers but missed people from compton from coming to get me, I dunno.

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