Redo of Day 1 Week 3

And the same results, but different.  A lot of huffing and puffing during the first 3 minute session and my calves were a little soar, during the second 3 minute session I again gave up with 30 seconds left, I just couldn’t push myself through it.  I actually started it around 1 minute left with pushing myself.  It would be so much worse without music since 3 minutes seems like such a long time while running.  During the first 3 minute session today and last time at about the 90 second mark I checked my phone to see how much longer this would be going on for.  This time at least for the last 30 seconds I paused the timer and did the last 30 seconds as soon as I caught my breath.

I was a little worried about this session since I had some hot chocolate in me and had sex a couple of hours earlier, I still felt a little exhausted.  I read that people who work out there legs a lot can’t do their full amount of lifts with their arms.  Something floats around in the bloodstream from the legs that says the muscles are tired so the arms can’t do as much.  Same thing happens in reverse, ie if lifting weights and then go for a run.  I was also a little tired from trying to clean up weeds in the backyard, too many dandelions, and I’m still not sure how to clear out the ground ivy.  I was considering giving a weedman like service a call so I don’t have to deal with it.  I should have spent some time digging a hole for a pond.  I visited Grand Valley Garden Centre today and they had an impressive pond set up, actually a couple.  One was less of a waterfall and more of a stream with some rapids in it.

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