Week 3 started

So I decided to go ahead and do week 3 instead of retrying week 2.  The timing in week 3 was run 90 seconds, then run 3 minutes then 90 seconds, then 3 minutes.  It is the same amount of running as the six 90 seconds of running from week 2.  It was about 7C today and the first 3 minutes went surprisingly well, I wasn’t gasping too badly, not sure if it is because I stretched a little bit or that the cold air expanded my lungs enough.  Actually now that I think about it my calf didn’t feel cramped up.  I didn’t finish the day though, during the last 3 minute run I gave up about 40 seconds short, I just couldn’t keep going even at my snail’s pace.  I did run for 45 seconds a little bit later on my way home.  Hopefully it goes better on Monday and isn’t hampered by warmer weather.


I spent a lot of time in my afternoon disposing of styrofoam, and I have a lot of it, I filled about 10 bags, would probably be about 5 garbage bags.  The lesson here is dispose of styrofoam and boxes as you get them.   I was suppose to go to a gaming study today which would have earned me 15 whole dollars.  Unfortunately I wrote down the time incorrectly and missed out on it, on the bright side I was able to reschedule with Kathy for Monday.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get through the weeds in the yard, there is a lot more ground ivy than I initially thought there was. sigh.

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