I am sick today, gah, I need to eat more salad and bread and less old weird meat frmom Wendy’s that was sitting on the grill. Yesterday my stomache felt real empty so I went to harvey’s to get a bite and at 3pm the burgers are not the freshest, I couldn’t even eat the thing and I felt even more disgusted and violated afterwards. Why doesn’t Wendy’s offer poutine? Still got up early though, super early actually, I got up at 5 but most of that time was spent in the bathroom.

Tonight I leave for London just as my sister gets back, I hope my tummy gets better in time. I dropped off Trixie at home and Kitty at Chris’s house. Trixie seemed happy to be home and Kitty was so sad and terrified. I hope he is doing better today. When I* left he was in the basement hiding in the corner. He looked miserable.

Last couple of days I haven’t done much mostly tried to take care of things so Kathy could study and write her essay. She seems to always end up finishing it at the last minute, she even tried getting this one done earlier and had a schedule and such to do it but it just didn’t happen. I still haven’t reshaved my head, parts are starting to get fairly long.

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