I’m going to be dismembered

It certainly sounds frightful. HR was telling me about an evil plot, well at least evil to me, to have me dismembered, possibly even killed and than have it make look like an accident or something. I dunno I wasn’t paying much attention. Than to top it off they tried selling me insurance. On the bright side the new insurance stuff I get is better than my pervious stuff. Work is fine and all that, hopefully I can get around to start growing at it. I just don’t want to do it too soon and look ungreatful for the chance that they gave me.

It was raing a lot today. Earlier the cat saw some bugs flying about and with the amount of rain I didn’t think he’d actually go into the backyard but out he ran first at the door but than to the back garden. I guess he was expecting to get some shelter from the grape vines, and he did for a while. He made a weird face when some fat drops fell on him and soon enough he came running back inside and even gave himself a quick little shake covering my shins with the cold rain water. The rain storm turned into a thunderstorm. Kathy and I sat out on the front porch watching the rain come down. The cat was a little freaked out by the noise but ok over all. That is until he stepped foot into the garden, a place he knows he is not allowed in. Pretty much as soon as he got in there there was an incredibly loud lightning strike close by that connected with something. This strike was piercingly loud, I don’t know how else to describe it. The cat looked at Kathy very scared and darted for the safe indoors. We later drove by King St and they had emergency road closure signs on it, since it is a fair distance from the water and fairly close to home I guess a tree fell on the tracks there or something.

It has been a pretty slow day today, watched a lot of rain fall, nice and relaxing. Yesterday I went to bed real early, instead of going to play pool with the fellas I fell asleep around 9ish or so. Needless to say but I was tired. Stayed at work for quite a while too, I started at 7 and didn’t leave til late since Chris’s meeting was bumped a lot. Overall it wasn’t too bad, if we left earlier the time would have just been eaten up by traffic on the highway which would be even more tedious.

My bills for this month totalled over 1500, that is about 3 times more than normal. Damn me for buying a larger variety of foodstuffs, oh well. I will live. I feel like a bum I really should be playing DDR but I just don’t have the energy in my legs, even if I get started it just feels like I won’t move fast enough and just get frustrated and give up quickly. I have been doing it lately as well with Pikmin, the Taiko drum game for PS2 and even a shitty poker game.

The library at Laurier have a really neat indoor plant tree thing, it kind of looks like a pine tree but all of it’s branches are very flexible so you won’t get poked by it when you walk by it, the needles are also very soft. I like it very much.

I think the cat is very upset with me, for the last few days he’s has been biting at his back feet a lot more than normal, I was checking his foot and found something, I’m not too sure what it was but when I pulled it out he started meowing a lot and wanted to get away from me which I was ok with because he was really starting to hurt me. The thing I pulled did feel like have a sharp edge but I couldn’t really tell wheat it was since it was so small, it was flexible too, I could bend it and such, Could it be just a hard edged blood clot or scab?

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