There are earwigs. Three found so far without trying. In the shower, in the carpet, and in Kathy’s writing pad. I need some spoongaurd protection. I am so nervous now, I feel little itches and such on me and I keep looking and checking to make sure an earwig didn’t just all of a sudden crawl on me, yikes. Kitty doesn’t seem to want to protect me. I put him on a moving one but he didn’t want to hunt it or even chew on it. Maybe it is because I keep picking him up to look at his feet. On the bright side his foot is less swollen today and looks much cleaner.

The carnival is showing up at the mall. Apparently several of the workers have been arrested already for stealing at the nearby Zellers. The genius of the group tried stealing an mp3 player and when he failed he took a cheaper one that was less secure. The less secure one was just a FM transmitter to listen to your mp3 player on your car stereo, kekeke.

Thousand Foot Krutch’s new cd comes August 2, it is out today in the states, I’m not sure what gives with that, iTMS has it already. John drove me to work and I was shivering the whole way there, John’s A/C works very well. It is difficult trying to sleep while shivering, I kept trying to cuddle myself to keep warm. Time for sleep, and time to spray the bed with RAID.

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