A lot of improvement

Today it is about 5, quite different from the last few days where it got up to 22.  My calf was feeling a little bunched up today. Not strained but it wasn’t normal, I would notice it feeling weird. Despite that I went for a run today and it felt really good today. Well not really good since it wasn’t pleasant but not as pitiful as it has been in the past.

My breathing seems to be able to keep up and I am not gasping for breath like I have been before, still not perfect as I do still sick in a lot of wind for 60 seconds of running but a big improvement from the first time I ran. My calves are holding me back, on the 4th session I cut it short by about 10 seconds and the 5th by a few seconds but I was able to get the last 2 done. So almost a perfect run, yay. Pretty sad that I have almost a perfect day 1 run a month after I started, sigh.  I’m still worried about my calves though because my running is pretty slow and pathetic so they shouldn’t be under too much strain.

It could be because I run on some soft ground for a little bit and it is compensating for me or it could be because I run funny and with all my extra weight it is going just to the calves.  I don’t know why I run funny but I can’t seem to not run funny. I think my feet point out on angles when I walk and run instead of straight ahead of me.

In other news the Canadiens are going to the second round, yay.

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