My fish are dying

There were a couple here and there, yesterday none. I come home today and I thought a plant was in the filter because it was very clogged. It was about 4 or 5 fishies. They all bit the bucket at one time, odd. I am worried about my pleco. He has been out more, even when the light is on. Not only that but he has been much more active moving around and sucking on the glass all over the tank and moving from spot to spot pretty quickly. His body doesn’t look quite right. The cat is really enjoying it. He continously jumps from the TV (that is next to the tank) to the top of the tank and back down trying to get at the fish. Sometimes he’ll stand up and look in (as best as he can). He is so fascinated by the tank, he spends so much time looking at it. Even sitting on a chair away from it he just turns his head to look at it. Yesterday it looked like he was going to try to sleep but instead he stuck his head out from the chair and looked behind the chair so he could look at the tank. He is very silly.

Well it looks like Zellers has been sold, or well at least a recomendation was made, unless someone tops the offer it might go to him. Strangely enough I got a letter in the mail from HBC saying I am no longer an employee of Zellers. I am a Bay employee now, at least according to my paycheque, the difference other than that is nothing.

I was thinking of signing up for a flickr account but for the cost of 2 years and a bit I could just buy another hard drive to back up my photos. I’m not sure if the power supply in my Acer could handle it but I guess I could always temporarily retire the 8 GB seagate in the other one, ole reliable. I need to figure out what I should do with RRSPs, I don’t have much and I think I may want to hold on to it in case my job isn’t around much longer. Scotiabank has the worst mutual funds, in 9 years I think I am almost at the amount I initially put into them.

Oh well I have some fish to net out of a filter.

oh yeah is up now.

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