Bigus Dickus

A lot of people camped out for Xboxes, I’m sure most are just going to turn around and sell them for 3 times their worth and than microsoft will unleash their hoard of xboxes just in time for 3 weeks to xmas.

I worked at a store again today. It was OK, my boss has a tiny car that I had to slouch in. I’m worried that the GMM thinks I’m lazy but he put me in charge of some marketing thing. It really is a minor nothing thing but just weird that he put me as the point man.

I have slugs growing in my fish tank. I have since turned on my filter and they are still there. I was hoping they would magically dissappear. My honey thought the fish tank smelled bad before, now you can really smell it. My bills were under 200 this month which is nice, I think I overpaid the month before so I guess it doesn’t really count.

I got the cat more cat nip with a ball in it. He was playing with the red mouse earlier in the day, he knocked it under the treadmill and than ran to other side and was looking back and forth to figure out where it ran off to, than he just went all over the treadmill figuring the mouse was underneathe.

I got him another bag with catnip and a ball inside. Kitty loves the fresh stuff and gave off a lot of weird meows. I guess he won’t be sleeping much.

I’m tired now. Today I had enough time in the morning to shower early on and than with my touque did my famous touque combing technique. I apparently wowed a lot of people. My hair is starting to look mulletish too. Some hair in the back is getting fluffier and is sticking out more to the sides.

Kitty is high.

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