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Busy busy weekend. Friday night I got to go to the Fringe festival at
Laurier. I also got to go on Saturday night. I liked just about all
the of the plays. There was just one play that I did not like as much
as the others, I was looking more for the comedy and it was just trying
to be smart and emo. There was an opera which was based off of the
Robert Munch book, Mortimer, Be Quiet. I voted for it as best play for
that day. Although most of the plays were funny some just went off in
weird tangents and it was like when they were writing they decided hey
lets just do this out of the blue, such as the random dance numbers.

Katty really enjoyed the 15 Minute Hamlet.

I guess diseases are flying around, Katty wasn’t feeling very well. She
takes a lot of vitamin C pills as well as ginseng and Cold FX when it
feels like she is getting close to sick, that helps keep her from
getting the worst symptoms but she does feel though just general
ickyness and weird body temperature changes.

This weekend I didn’t do too much, I went to Giant Tiger to get some 88
cent milk that was on sales, the one in Kitchener is the nicest one I
have been to. I think I have begun to curb my spending, My Visa and
Zellers card were over 1000 grand this month and Katty’s reached 800$.
I believe I will be getting a $500 return from school since I dropped
one of my classes, they just usually hold onto it until the end of the
term to consolidate it with anything else that they may have.

Right now I am actually writing this at work eating an apple really,
really wanting to walk to the Burger King down the street for a Whopper,
it is Wednesday after all. If it wasn’t Wednesday I would be really
wanting to go to Pizza Hut despite my Subway coupons.

Yesterday night I went through doing my assignment for Accounting, I
think I have most of it under control however there are a couple of
issues that I am uncertain about that don’t seem to be covered
adequately in the text. I’m not sure if the first part of the text
perhaps would cover it better but it is just a couple of holes that may
have been left open for simplicity’s sake. I still can’t seem to
remember exactly everything I needed to know for this assignment, I had
to go back into my text to review the appropriate sections. Tonight I
guess I’ll check the solutions and double check them with my answers as
well as do the answers for next, next weeks chapter.

I think Kitty is relieved to not have the kids around anymore, whenever
I came home he sought refuge in my room. The first day they were over
he just stayed in the basement and didn’t come out until he realized I
was home.

Kitty didn’t something cute the other day. We play this game where I pull on the sheets a bit from the end of the bed and he assumes that there is something under the sheet by his feet since he is being pulled a bit and must kill it immediately. He usually paws it a lot than goes in with his teeth. The other day he jumps up on the bed, walks a bit and than notices that the sheet beneathe his feet are wrinkling and moving a bit and with that he spontaneously jumps into action biting at the sheet until it is ‘dead’. Take that.

My first assignment for Business class is just about done, just need some clean up. Good thing I did most of it before hand, the MSN meeting thing did not work out the greatest.

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  1. I haven’t taken it, my fiance has, it seems to work. I think she tried looking up before if it really does work or if just ginsing will do the same thing, it was a little inconclusive.

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