It’s Snowing! And I want to lick Chicken Balls

It is snowing, and hard. This morning Kathy and I went downtown to hit up the farmer’s market. I wasn’t sure how busy or how many vendors would be there since it is the weekend but it was pretty full. A lot of yummy cheeses surrounded me. Kathy and I got an octopus. I hope kitty plays with it. The money goes to help rescue kitties so it is all good. It was a little chilly when we first got there. When we left it was raining, at first not too much, just a nice little shower but the drops just kept getting colder and bigger. The chinease grocery store by the farmer’s market has hot food ready to eat. I wonder if it has chicken balls. Oh so yummy and tender, I must eat chicken balls. I’m not sure the name of the building but we ducked inside the one that had the Sears outlet. It is no longer there. It was the first time I went in through that entrance, there really isn’t much in there. We hit the carbon computing store to see if they had any neat cases for laptops. They had some sleeves that seem to just mostly protect it from scratches and the occasional bump inside of a backpack but not too much. They had some armour laptop bag that were just solid and padded.

They also had a neat backpack with all kinds of pockets. Damn I need a new Mac. Now prepare yourself, for tonight we fornicate!

When we got out of the computer store, the rain began to turn a bit more snowish. The bus was fun at this point when we got on since the front was crowded with strollers and wheelchairs and people not realizing that chairs can be moved so at the front we weren’t all crowded, meh. After we got out of the yarn and food store it was just absoletly snowing. It was hard to lookup. At least it wasn’t extremely cold.

We might go see a movie later at school, should be fun, and damn I like chili and beans. I need to get my resume together. My nephew is having his birthday party today so I am missing out on ice cream cake. Oh yeah my big pleco died and so did all my other recently purchased fish. There is something wrong with the water because almost everything in the tank died at once. Except for the snails which are still everywhere and are not going away. Apparently they consume dead flesh and clown loaches eat them. I had my nephew look them up and find a way for me to get rid of them that didn’t involve me taking all the rocks out of my tank. Without realizing what 50F is he told me they would go dormant and hiberate in the rocks if I could get my 110 gallon tank that is indoors to that temperature, than I could vacuum them out of the rocks. That child is daft, or at least didn’t realize what the temperature is.

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