She really is a good kitty

Click the picture for a slightly bigger picture.

She really is, but she does do bad things. She pooped on the floor twice today and maybe one yesterday and in her litter too yesterday. I think Kitty might have been bugging her a bunch and like an old lady she was to scared to go to where she wanted to go.

Portugal lost today, I kept listening to the score updates on the radio hoping for good news which never came. Kathy and I won’t be getting out bongos although we did snag Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. My brain keeps getting younger at Brain Age but I am still very old game wise. Kathy really whips my ass at that game.

I remembered to take the trash out finally, there was lots of maggots in it. I opened up the other can which I didn’t put outside and there was lots of maggots in there too. The house is all clean, dishes are done, litters all changed, poop cleaned, windows opened and little shallow pools of vinegar lay about the house absorbing the rest of the smell.

Link!, Click Here. Whose Line is it Anyways with Richard Simmons.

I should host a bbq on the weekend or something, hopefully the BBQ will run well enough. Work has been good today, doing some interesting stuff today that kept me very busy. I need to take breaks from my monitor more often, my peepers need ther rest. I get to help construct a golf course, should be fun fun fun. Jenny told me I had a boogie hanging out of my nose, she is so helpful, god bless her heart. : )

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